Depression is a Tool

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It always makes me sad when people kill themselves. Recently Robin Williams died and I didn’t know that he had such severe depression. I wish that all the people out there going through deeply sad times could find the answers they seek in order to live a happy life. Robin Williams did a lot to make people happy with his fun and zany humor to make us all laugh. Laughter is definitely a way to feel better. I wish that he would have known that there is a way to have joy that is as great as your pain. Read more…

Food Storage for Hard Times

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It’s a good idea to set aside some extra food if you can for leaner economic times ahead. You never know when there will be another famine as there have been in times past. However, the best and smartest thing to do when food starts getting scarce is to stop Read more…

Better Than Cough Drops

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The hacking cough, the end of the cold that drags on, the tickle in the throat, the dryness and soreness – these are all symptoms that would merit a reach for a cough drop. I used to reach for Fisherman’s Friend, 4-hour cough suppressant, Ricola or other cough drops to get me through that rough time. then I realized the cause and the cure. Read more…

Dietary Cures for Hypothyroidism, by Janet Hailstone

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2004-2014, I have taught classes every semester at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.  Read more…

Eight Health Benefits of Exercise

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running for the health benefitsSome life insurance companies offer discounts to applicants who don’t smoke and who are vegetarian. Research shows, however, that exercise also offers great benefits for long life (12% longer life) and disease prevention.

Here are eight health benefits of a daily 30-minute moderate exercise exercise program that such as daily brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, dancing, or jogging: Read more…

Nine Natural Secrets to Better Sleep

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Many people drag through the day, make mistakes, and feel unhappy or lethargic when they don’t get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping properly is a really important aspect of life that you shouldn’t ignore or neglect.  It can make a big difference in helping you to feel terrific when you wake up and are able to face your day with the best energy possible.

Studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep have a harder time resisting the temptations to eat fattening foods. Getting enough sleep helps you to have better metabolism and be more able to stick to your weight loss goals. It also helps your immune system and gives your body the ability to fight things off.

I like to be rested so I can do well at my job.  I know how wiped out I can be to face my day if I don’t take care of myself. There are nine things that I’ve found to be very helpful. Try them and see if you can also get the best night’s sleep possible. Read more…

No, Don’t Kill Iris!

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Our family had an unusually memorable Thanksgiving this year. We actually had a live turkey in our yard and not turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I asked the family what everyone wanted to contribute to the dinner. My son wanted to do the turkey, he’s the one in our family that has come to like animal products and regular American diet. He works out a lot and looks pretty buff. He is in the Army National Guard can run a mile or two in six minutes, shoot guns, and has been to Iraq for a tour of duty. My daughter wanted to do the mashed potatoes and gravy. She often complains that there is never enough mashed potatoes. So, I let them do that, and I did the rest of the dinner, for which I will include the yummy recipes that everyone liked in a later post.

Anyway, they arrived Tuesday night before Thanksgiving with a huge 50# turkey that was in a dog kennel, and they were calling her Iris. They wanted to let it out in the house, but I said no. They took it out into the front yard in the Read more…

Lentil-Barley Vegetable Soup in 5-Minutes

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lentil-barley vegetable soupThis is a healthy, tasty recipe for Lentil-Barley Vegetable Soup. It only took me and my husband 5 minutes to throw all the ingredients into a slow-cooker, then we went to bed and it was done in the morning. You can have it for any meal. It is filling and hot for this cool weather. This is a good soup to help you stay well this winter.

My husband chopped the potatoes and onions. I chopped the carrots and added the rest of the ingredients. I have a 4-quart slow cooker and it was almost all full. Our slow cooker doesn’t boil over if we turn it on high, so that’s worry free.

I had a powerful slow cooker that would boil over onto the counter if left unattended. But, most slow-cookers don’t do that, you’ll have to test your own. We woke up to the smell of yummy soup that tastes as good as Campbell’s. You can also do this in the morning, go to work, and come back to a meal that’s all ready.

Soup is one of the secrets to weight loss. Try having soup before every meal, and you will be cutting calories and feeling fuller. Water-based foods and meals are better than foods high in fat. Read more…

Got Arthritis? It’s Reversible

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wheelchair for arthritis patientI have a friend at work whose mother is in a wheelchair with rheumatoid arthritis, and I offered to write a post for her to share with her mother in hopes of helping her. I happen to know that the pain of arthritis is reversible with proper nutrition.

I believe that her mother can have a lot less pain and start to have more movement. I know people personally who have reversed arthritis here in St. George. And, I know of many sources rich in nutritional information and testimonials for the reversal of the pain and the disease.

It brings a big tear to my eye rolling down my cheek to realize the pain and suffering that people are going through – especially when there are so many wonderful sources of awesome and helpful nutritional information about this problem – Wow! and so many inspirational stories to tell, where do I start? Read more…

Feeding a Family

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Healthy Kids fed healthy mealsIt’s possible to feed your family the right way and receive a lot of benefits; such as being too healthy to visit the doctor, saving tons of money, and having an easy time making meals.

Being Too Healthy to Visit the Doctor

I haven’t had to take myself or my four kids to the doctor for illness for 21 of the 26 years that I have been raising them. At first, when I had Read more…

Busy and On the Road While Losing Weight and Loving it!

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There was a couple who took my maximum weight loss class, both looked healthy and trim. However, the wife was trying to help her husband who still had a “gut” that he’d always had.  Here is their story in  their own words about how he lost his gut and embraced this new lifestyle. Their experience was sent to me in May 2011. Read more…

The Many Benefits of Fasting 24 Hours

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fasting means no food or drinkFasting is not something you would normally want to do. Who wants to go hungry? You don’t want to become anorexic. And why would you even consider fasting? Well, there are actually some benefits to fasting every once in a while. Studies show that occasional fasting is in reality very good for your health.

It’s not easy at first to go without food or drink for 24 hours, but the benefits are worth the short-term sacrifice that you make for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

Here are some reasons to inspire you to fast: Read more…

Honey Do Centipedes

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Honey do centipedes in a honeydew melonMy husband and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary. We have a good marriage, but it takes patience and effort. So, he is this Read more…

Tomato Sandwiches in the Summer are the Best

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tomato sandwiches are the bestThis might sound crazy to a lot of you. But a fresh tomato sandwich with tomatoes from the garden is awesomely delicious. Many people know what I am talking about here. But, not everybody. So, I am doing a post to help you non-tomato-sandwich people out there

A tomato sandwich is really simple. It’s a slice of bread with mayo, slices of “garden” tomato to fit on it, and some Read more…

Apricots for Seasonal Enjoyment and Health

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apricotsIt’s apricot season, the perfect time to just enjoy ripe juicy apricots. These are things you will probably never get from a grocery store.  There is something different and awesomely delicious about ripe apricots from a tree. You will never know unless you get some locally, it’s a whole new taste sensation.

There is nothing wrong with having about 10 apricots for Read more…

Even The Doctor Rides a Bike

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Spongebob Sqaurepants on the scrubs that the doctor wears when he rides a bikeI was driving home after work and saw a guy riding a bike. Now, normally I wouldn’t have really noticed the guy riding the bike that much, but this incident really caught my eye. He was wearing light purple scrubs with a light purple printed smock. As I passed, I saw that it was Dr. Wendel T. Nilson, the awesome and caring pediatrician, who works here in St. George at Canyon Land Pediatrics. And, I found out that Read more…

Healing Sunburns Fast with Four Natural Remedies

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It’s that time of year when many people are getting out in the sun for a fun boating trip, a family hike, a Disneyland trip, or an outing of any kind with friends. You have to be really careful when it is so hot, the sun is closest to the earth in the Southwest here for the next few months. You can really get red skin if you are in the sun too long.

People usually try aloe vera to heal a sun burn fast. And that is definitely a good Read more…

Losing Weight with Three Easy Food and Snack Choices

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Thin Woman who lost weight with fun easy food ideasLosing weight is the goal of many people. And for all of those of you out there who want to get rid of the fat and not gain so much, I decided to write this post with some easy, fun ideas, and why they are also healthy, to add to your routine. Read more…

And They Thirsted Not

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desert picture, where they thirsted notThe phrase “and they thirsted not” comes from a scripture in Isaiah describing the children of Israel as they wandered in the desert. I was reading this from Nephi’s version and realized that what it might really be saying is they didn’t desire to be close to the Lord.  Read more…

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