Laryngitis Reversed with Strawberries

Laryngitis can be reversed with strawberries. I learned about this when I lived in Ohio about 20 years ago. I was asked to give a talk in church, but I came down with laryngitis the Saturday before church. I really love to give talks and was very disappointed. So I prayed about what I could do to get my voice back.

The answer that came to me was to have a bowl full of fresh strawberries. It was like a message in my mind. So, I went to the store and bought two pounds of strawberries. I washed them all up and ate the whole bowl full. The next day, I had my voice back and was able to give my talk.

This morning, my husband and I were volunteering to help with Bountiful Baskets. A lady came to get her produce and had ordered two baskets. I helped her with her stuff to her vehicle. She could barely talk.

The Larynx on the Throat

The larynx where laryngitis happens

I came home and was enjoying my strawberries and pondering on the significance of strawberries. I looked at the shape of the strawberry and realized it kind of looked like a larynx or Adam’s apple.

A Strawberry

A Strawberry Shaped Like a Larynx

As I took a bite out of half of the strawberry, I noticed the little light colored thing hanging down from the top that looked like the tonsils or uvula and how the whole inside was hollow like a throat. Then, I thought about how strawberries are really good for helping the teeth to be clean.

I thought this was a unique discovery and remembered what I’d learned about the carrots being good for the eyes and if you cut a carrot, it looks like an eye inside. Walnuts are like a head with a hard shell or skull and a brain-like nut inside. Walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids and are great for the brain.

All of the produce that our creator has given us has a healing purpose. It’s so interesting that there are so many symbolisms in nature to learn from and heal with.



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