Peppermint Tea for Headaches

The next time you get a headache, you should try peppermint tea for it. Many times with headaches, the blood vessels going to and from parts of your head can get restricted from stress or diet.

It’s important to find a way to relax them. Peppermint tea has a way of helping to open up the blood vessels so that you can feel some relief. It also helps your brain work better. Studies have shown that it is helpful while taking a test to have some peppermint candy available. It helps you to be more alert and remember the answers better.

Peppermint Tea made with a tea bag

Peppermint tea bags are convenient. You can buy them at most any store.

To make a peppermint tea, you boil 1-2 cups water and insert a peppermint tea bag into a glass or porcelain  cup, preferably one that has a handle on it. Then, you pour in the boiled water and let it steep for five minutes. Economically, you can get a quart jar or glass pitcher and fill it with 1-2 quarts of boiled water and then insert the tea bag.

In this way, you get a lot more use out of the tea bag, since they can be a bit pricey. You can also just go to your local health food store, and if they have bulk bins, you can save a lot of money by getting a cup or more of some dried peppermint leaves.

Tea Contraption

You insert the dried peppermint leaves into the ball and then into the boiled water. The weight hangs over the edge to help it not sink.

Then, when you want to make tea, add one teaspoon of the leaves to your boiled water. The leaves will sink to the bottom and not give you too much trouble. Some people buy special tea spoons or contraptions to put the tea leaves in so the leaves don’t float around the water.

Whenever you make a tea using fresh or dried herbs or spices, make sure that you add some ice cubes to cool it off after steeping. The hot water is not good for your throat or stomach. It can burn your tongue. You can enjoy the benefits of the herbal tea a lot better if it is cooled off.

Peppermint Tea made with fresh leaves

Peppermint Tea made with fresh leaves.

If you have fresh peppermint growing in your yard by a leaky faucet, you can also just break off a branch and use that for your tea. However, if you had fresh peppermint leaves, you can also add them to your blender and blend it up or use it to make wheat grass juice that tastes good as shown on this link.

I don’t recommend the use of coffee or regular teas at all. They are too hot and not good for your health or nerves. I suggest that if you make a tea, only use nutritional, non-addicting substances.

I have tension headaches from being too stressed. If I lay down and enjoy a nice cup or two of peppermint tea it really helps me feel better. I have also been helped with headaches by certain exercises and effective therapies, which you can learn more about on these links.


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