Honey Do Centipedes

Honey do centipedes in a honeydew melonMy husband and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary. We have a good marriage, but it takes patience and effort. So, he is this loving, helpful, hard-working husband, who does a lot; works full-time, washes dishes, keeps the yard up, and plans nice Friday dates for us.

And, we are now enjoying our anniversary time. We got a healthy-type pesto whole wheat crust pizza that costs more than a typical pizza and some blue corn chips with salsa and watched a version of Robin Hood. How many Robin Hood shows are there?

Well, he usually makes his own breakfast and gathers his lunch to take to work. I work and go to school too. But, this morning, I didn’t have to work, which was a nice break. We were talking about the honeydew melon on the kitchen table and how we should eat it before it goes bad. Then, he wanted me to do something for him. “Honey will you cut up that honeydew melon, so I can take some with me?”  Honey do this and honey do that…honeydew melon fits right in.

I’m kind of lazy, but I dragged myself into the dining room, got a bamboo cutting board and a good knife and cut the honeydew in half. There in the center was a little treasure of honeydew centipedes. They are not real insects, just some tasty centipede-looking things with seeds slightly attached to them.  You gently and easily release the seeds and you have about five or six little, white, edible, sweet centipedes about 3-4 inches long.cantaloupe caterpillars similar to honeydew centipedes

They are really cute and realistic looking. You can also find these cute little non-critters in other melons too like cantaloupe and even some of the squashes like pumpkin. They could easily pass for a caterpillar too. Would you like to have a cantaloupe caterpillar snack?caterpillar-eaten leaf

I think kids could have a lot of Harry Potter fun with these. For kids of all ages, they can add a lot of joy and fun to a plant food display of broccoli trees and a spinach carpet with some creepy, crawly honey do centipedes or cantaloupe caterpillars crawling around. Carve out some little circular bites in the edges of the spinach leaf for a more realistic effect. Melon critters could be a great way to get kids interested in fruit instead of candy.

Many times, there are parts of fruits and vegetables that just get thrown away. They actually have a lot of nutritional value. It’s good that the stalks of broccoli were discovered to be a good shredded addition to a healthy salad. And, celery leaves can be chopped up for a spicy addition to soup. What else tends to get thrown away that is actually good for you,  tasty, and useful?

It’s best to eat melons in the summer for their hydrating and cooling effect on the body. My husband has a problem with ragweed in the fall and spring and gets allergic symptoms. However, a plant-based diet and tea made with the mesquite or chaparral plant prevalent in Southern Utah really help a lot. A recent article in a Prevention magazine said melons can contribute towards sore throat or allergic symptoms when eaten in the fall. So, eat them in season not year round.

Well, even honeydew melon has some reported health benefits. Not only that, it tastes like nectar from the gods. According to Joseph Kadans, PhD, these are some “reported health benefits” that you may appreciate knowing.  And, by the way, honeydew melons are also known as muskmelons.

honeydew melon snack is a "honey do" item

Muskmelons are especially good for kidney conditions because of their diuretic action. They are reported to aid in cases of obesity. rheumatism, and poor complexion.

I suppose that they aid in a case of obesity because of the lower calorie – high water and no fat content along with some healthy cleansing fiber to carry out the fat. And then, ironically they have a diuretic effect to help someone with a kidney condition. And, obviously getting your hydrating nutrition from the original sources is going to help your complexion. But, there is probably some secret ingredient especially in honeydew melons that contributes to healthy, young- looking skin.

And if you are service oriented, you can show love to your honey by doing something nice. It will be good for your marriage. Maybe your spouse’s love language is acts of service. And, even though you give hugs, gifts, quality time, and words of encouragement, your spouse doesn’t feel truly loved.  “Honey, do something for me.” may be your first clue to a better marriage.


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    rich article.. thank you for posting, i am a big fan of honey :)

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