Biking for Transportation and Weight Loss

I think that people need to get more involved in biking for transportation and weight loss. You can really travel a lot of places in a short amount of time by riding a bike. I think you would calculate that whatever amount of time it takes you in a car driving around a city, it will take 2-3 times that amount with a bike. It will help you to have an excuse to do some exercise and lose a few pounds each week or two.

Happy biker with her bike

Make sure you get a good strong bike if you weigh over 200 pounds. Ask the bike shop for advice on this issue.

With the high cost of gas, car maintenance and upkeep, it just makes sense to ride a bike more often. It’s hard for the body to eliminate fat unless you are eating a high-fiber diet, drinking more water,  and exercising.

You can purchase a good used bike for a cheaper price, then start your exercise program of making a run to the nearby store, visiting a friend that lives within a mile, or doing some service for someone in your area. Try to find as many reasons to get out and move those legs.

Biking will save you money if you use it as a way to provide yourself with transportation. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to arrive at places so that you can plan for future appointments.

Make sure that you have some good security chains to lock your bike up when you park it. Park it off to the side where it is not as visible and tempting. Protect yourself by installing lights and reflectors if you ride at night, so that you don’t get run over.

You can always try to ride an exercise bicycle while you are watching TV or listening to music. It’s often convenient to try losing weight while you are home. Then, it can become an easy habit.  If you go biking, you will be burning fat instead of your money. That’s a pretty good reason right there. 

It costs a lot of money for gas, but it doesn’t cost anything to ride your bike except for a possible yearly tuneup and some good tires. I like no-more-flat tires, because they are solid rubber and are made to last forever. But, many people like to put a special green goo in the tires to keep them from going flat.

It will build your self-esteem to take some effort and do something positive for yourself. You will feel happier. Find a friend or family member to go biking with everyday, and that will help you to stay motivated.

Happy Couple on Bikes

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