Preparations for a 5K Race – Part 2 (Getting Proper Footwear)

Runners running in a raceGetting Proper Footwear

I have done some research and am sharing my findings in this Part 2 of Preparations for a 5K Race. I  just wrote a running post for beginners a few days ago that is Part 1. In this Part 2 post, we are going to consider the importance of running shoes or not for the feet.


Running Shoes

The condition of your feet is very important. There has been a lot of science that has gone into types of shoes that are best for running according to what a podiatrist or foot doctor would recommend. The shoes you use are going to get a lot of wear and tear, so it’s good to invest in a good pair. I think Runner’s World may be the experts to look into on the various types of shoes to choose from. They’ve written an excellent article on types of shoes in this link.

Types of foot prints

Your foot print helps you know your type of feet and that is an important thing to know when buying the right type of shoes.

You can also go to your local sporting-goods shoe store and have one of the sales people there instruct you on the various types of shoes to get. I took a college class in running. The teacher encouraged us to buy a quality pair of shoes. Mine lasted for many years, and we eventually ran four miles a day in that class.

Some runners who run long distances say that shoes help them to go further. They need the support for the feet.




Running Barefoot

barefoot running shoes

Some people prefer running barefooted for better health of their particular foot structure.

There’s been some recent hype as shown in the article on this link about just running barefoot.  It can be better for your feet in the natural scheme of things. Runners, who’ve tried it say it actually improves speed, performance, and lessens their risk of injuries. I think these people have a good point, and I’m open minded.

It’s at least good to know that if you can’t afford a good pair, perhaps some loose, flexible type of shoes could be beneficial. You may have a simple pair at home that would be good enough.

And, it appears that some people have certain types of feet that do better running barefooted. While others definitely need shoes with support.

You may like the idea of running barefoot but want some protection for your feet from glass or nails that could be on the ground. You may want to just run at home.

It’s nice to know that there are protective shoes that support the natural barefoot scheme of things for those who want to try that out and see which way works best for them.



You are the one who has to determine what is best for your feet. If you have troubles with shoes and injuries, try going barefoot and vice versa – if you have troubles running barefoot, get some good shoes. Click on the links above to become more informed on your choices.


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