The Bread Diet that Actually Works for Weight Loss

slices of whole wheat bread for weight lossWho would ever think that you could actually lose weight eating more bread? Nowadays, many people are thinking that the healthiest diets avoid eating bread.

Many people follow a gluten-free diet. While it’s true that you shouldn’t eat bread if you have a gluten sensitivity, it’s OK to eat it if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity. However, you’ll have much less of a chance of becoming gluten sensitive if you cut back on the white flour products and consume more of the whole wheat breads and pastas.

I got a newsletter from Dr. McDougall regarding a study that was done in 1979 where 16 college guys, who were moderately overweight were able to lose up to 10 pounds a month just by eating an extra 12 slices of bread daily. Their cholesterol and blood pressure levels went down remarkably. And, the guys who ate whole wheat bread instead of white bread had the most improvements for health, regularity in digestion, and weight loss.  various types of bread for weight loss

They didn’t have to exercise or change anything else about their current diets. Just by eating 12 slices of bread daily, they were able to lose weight. The big reason for this was because their stomachs were feeling full, but it was a fullness from starch and carbohydrates instead of foods with fat. They weren’t as hungry for items such as cheese, hot dogs, meat, eggs, fried chicken, or ice cream sundaes. By eating more starch, they didn’t have as much room left in their stomachs for the typical fattening foods.corn and rice for weight loss

Dr. McDougall goes on to clarify that any type of starch could be substituted if you tried to do a diet like this. For every 3 slices of bread, you could substitute one 1 cup of a different starchy food. For example, you could have your 12 pieces of bread daily. Or, you can substitute and combine any of the following foods to equal a total daily 4 cups:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Steamed Corn
  • Boiled Spaghetti Noodles
  • Steamed Rice
  • Beans
  • Bread (3 slices for 1 cup)

I don’t think it is the healthiest thing in the world to eat so much bread. But, this study gives light to a new way to lose weight without counting calories or following any strict regimen. And eating less fat will help diabetics improve their blood sugar. Eating less animal proteins will be good for people who are in remission from cancer and don’t want to get cancer again in a few years.

How easy is it to just eat more bread? It’s nice that if you want to try this approach, but don’t feel right about all the bread, you can do a combination based on the above choices.

Healthy comfort foods for healthier weight loss may be the new name of the game when it comes to losing weight fast and easy.

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4 Responses to “The Bread Diet that Actually Works for Weight Loss”

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  3. 3

    So I know this works because I did a variation of this in 1983. I was losing weight. I recall my mother’s best friend, who lived in Holland at the time, telling her about it. I gave a try, hardly overweight when I did it…as in not at all. But I did start to lose weight. It was eat sensibly but every other day ALL you eat is bread. I went an Arnold outlet and bought rye, pumpernickel, varieties other then just white bread. It did not say how much to eat, just eat nothing but.
    The only reason I gave it up was that I found out I was pregnant! But in about a month, I had lost about 7 pounds.

  4. 4
    Janet Hailstone

    I really appreciate hearing about your success. I think most people just think bread makes you fat and there are not enough people trying this to prove it otherwise. It’s a fun way to lose weight. It’s good you avoided the white flour because too much of the white stuff (white flour) or the extra gluten that can be added to bread and you might become gluten sensitive. But, so few people are actually gluten sensitive, bread is OK for most people.

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